The Story
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A wine-led rooftop restaurant in Manchester city centre


Climat is the second site from the team behind Covino, who established in Chester’s historic city centre in 2016 – going on to forge a reputation both regionally & nationally as a fiercely passionate wine-led restaurant with exciting daily changing menus.


Our Executive Chef Luke Richardson best defines his style of cooking as ‘Parisian expat food’ – a nod towards the time he spent in the cosmopolitan kitchens of the French capital. His influence on our menus is more plainly described by us as ‘just food you want to eat’.


As the name ‘Climat’ suggests, our cellar of over 400 different wines has a slight lean towards our favourite region of all – Burgundy. Outside of Burgundy you’ll find a comprehensive selection of other styles and grape varieties from across the world – with wines from small producers through to the more iconic, and the top vignerons that sit between!